"Peter Kelley is, without doubt, the best acting coach that I have ever had. Because of him, I have achieved a level of honesty and truthfulness in my work that I had been previously unable to reach. He has the uncanny knack of drawing out of an actor his/her true self, by showing what is real, and by helping one to disregard any of those things which usually confuse and blind one to simply 'being.' He does this by guiding the actor to discover that truth themselves, instead of merely presenting the answer. The dedicated actor, armed with this newfound awareness, is therefore able to grow and expand upon their craft exponentially."

– Jennifer Queirejiero
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I have a good deal of experience. Will this training benefit me?

PK: Yes. I designed both my workshops and my ongoing training for:
  • Actors who have theatrical experience and are looking to prepare themselves for challenges specific to on-camera work.
  • Actors who want to strengthen their choice-making process for film.
  • Actors who have a shoot coming up and need an "on-set" workout.
  • Actors who feel their film work going soft and want to keep the edges sharp.
  • For the two-day workshops, actors who desire to work in a strong, committed class but whose schedules do not allow them to enroll in a long-term class or may be in one already.
These are not introductory, learn-to-act seminars and are not, as a result, appropriate for beginning actors... so yes. I think you'll get a great deal out of the seminars.

Can I enroll if I haven't studied with Peter before?

PK: an interview is required for actors whose work I'm not familiar with. This is an informal interview to gauge your level of training, level of commitment, and potential for growth in the class. Marketability (sex, age, etc.) is not a consideration when making admission decisions. Industry referrals help a lot.

Do you work with young (teen or pre-teen) actors?

PK: I don't.  Eighteen is the minimum age of actors I work with, both privately and in group classes.

How are the scenes and scene partners selected?

PK: I select both based on my knowledge of the individual actors and the makeup of the class as a whole. Actors are welcome to express a desire to work a specific role, genre, or piece of material; however, I reserve the right of last-say in these decisions.

How many students in a class?

PK: a maximum of twelve actors. I reserve the right to go to fourteen but that is not often the case.

Are these one-time-only classes?

PK: Not at all – they absolutely can be taken repeatedly. In fact, I have on average a fifty to seventy-five percent return rate.

How do I enroll?

PK: If you've worked with me before, just complete the form in the enrollment page, and mail in the deposit (make checks payable to Peter Kelley). Please include a current resume (headshot optional).

If you haven't worked with me before, send me an e-mail or contact me at (212) 431 - 4000 to set up an interview.

Can I get a copy of what we shoot in class?

No.  Footage shot in class is the propoerty of Peter Kelley Acting and it is my policy not ot distribute it.  I feel fairly strongly about this-- the classes are not "make-a-reel" workshops and actors should enroll with a view toward walking out with tape in hand.  In addition, I feel equally strongly that repeated at-home viewing of footage shot in class is detrimental to and actor's development.  Please check back to the site, as our answer to this is evolving-- we may institute an "edited footage" policy but we do not currently have one in place.

What about private work?

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